Friday, August 19, 2005

Early Registration

Heard 'Em Say (feat. Adam Levine) (2005)

In yesterday's post, Adam Levine (singer of Maroon 5) was mentioned in passing. John Mayer is doing a bunch of different stuff, playing with some credible musicians. Levine hasn't quite hit the level of Mayer this year (although he did sing with Stevie and Alicia Keys...not too shabby), but the man did make the cut on the new Kanye album Late Registration, which leaked last night, and is due in stores August 30th.

"Heard 'Em Say" is the first song on the new West album, and shows off Levine's surprisingly pleasant voice on a laid back and soulful beat. Having only listened to the album twice all the way through, so it is a bit early to make generalized comments, but, this song is definitely an instant favorite.

If you want to hear all of Late Registration, it was originally leaked here. Not sure if it is still functioning, but at least you know. Oh and seriously--if you like it, as always, pick up the album when it comes out. Download the album now because you can't wait, not because you're a cheap bastard. Enjoy.


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