Friday, August 26, 2005

Fashionable Phoenix

Victim of the Crime
(Dior Homme fashion show, 04-05)

If you've heard Phoenix's newest studio album Alphabetical, then you know the song "Victim of the Crime." The version included in this post is rare and was created for a Dior Homme fashion show in 2004.

The band is French (and a pleasure to interview). They've done a few tours in the states now, have three albums out (two studio, one live), and continue to gain popularity. Most recently they had an iTunes session come out, and they plan to start recording studio album number three soon. If nothing else, you probably know the band from being on the soundtrack of their friend Sofia Coppola's movie Lost in Translation. This version of "Victim of the Crime" is 13 minutes long and is perfect for your weekend runway modeling. For more information, head to the official Phoenix website. Enjoy.


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