Thursday, August 04, 2005

Fat Bottoms Everywhere

Dead On Time (1978)
In Only Seven Days (1978)

Jazz was Queen's seventh album. On my ranking list, it comes right after A Night at the Opera in terms of quality. Queen could really do no wrong in the 70s. They were huge in Europe, big in the States, and every album they recorded had some level of hit on it. Jazz contained "Bicycle Race," "Fat Bottomed Girls," and "Don't Stop Me Now." Three solid songs, all with a different vibe to them, that just about everyone can identify with. Diversity was inherent with Queen.

Rock critics never took them seriously, and a Rolling Stone review of Jazz called Queen, "the first truly facist rock band." You can read the entire Rolling Stone review by clicking here. The reviewer obviously had major issues with the band.

The two songs included above are both taken from side two of the album. "Dead On Time" is a straight out rock tune. May's guitar work crushes while Mercury wails over the top of the tight instrumentation. "In Only Seven Days" is a fairly mellow track, included to show Queen's the diversity in their catalogue. Reviews didn't seem to matter to the creative direction of Queen. The only thing the band seemed to have on its agenda was making sure that the fan base grew and that the music was pleasing. Well, the music is pleasing and people are still buying the albums. Enjoy.


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