Sunday, August 14, 2005

Kanye West vs. the Beach Boys

Kanye West vs. the Beach Boys - New Workout Plan (2005)
Kanye West vs. the Beach Boys - Two Words (2005)

This fits into the "old news but new to me" category. Apparently, this mash-up has been circulating for awhile. Today was the first that It's Magic! heard of it, thanks to an e-mail that was received from an anonymous reader.

Having only listened to all the tracks once, there are a few observations. First off, the guy who does the mash-up, Lushlife, inserts some of his own vocals into the mix. That sort of defeats the purpose of mashing up two other artists' stuff and just doing some shameless self-promotion. But hey, everybody has got to get paid some day.

I've directly linked to two songs that are available for download at the Kanye West Sounds website. Check the tracks out--it isn't as musically sound as some of the mash-ups in recent history, but it has its moments. Enjoy the novelty of it all.


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