Monday, August 01, 2005

Macca and the bass line...

Silly Love Songs (1976)

This song came on the radio in the car Saturday morning after a long night of drinking. At first the reaction was "Oh, it's Paul McCartney." Then, after the absolutely killer bassline came in, everyone was like "Damn! This is Paul McCartney?" It isn't that anyone in the car thought Macca was a hack musician, but to be jamming out thinking "this bassline is jamming!" is a reaction one usually saves for funk songs or hip hop beats. I went home after breakfast and listened to "Silly Love Songs" about thirty-five times. The song comes off of a weak album from Wings (and labeled as popcraft), but damn those reviewers--sometimes you just need a senseless pop song that makes fun of similar senseless pop songs. The bass line just makes you jovial. Since everyone else has examined this McCartney guy's career, and information is pretty easy to come need to waste space on it here. Groove to the bassline and enjoy.


Blogger The Pageman said...

nice song. I got introduced to this song through the eraserheads, they basically based a whole song on this ditty... now if I can only find a copy of that song so you can compare ... :P
the pageman

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