Monday, August 22, 2005

Raul Midon

Sittin' in the Middle (2005)
(from State of Mind)

It seems like It's Magic! has been doing a lot of 2005 stuff lately, but there has just been a lot of good recently recorded stuff sliding across the desk. Anyway, Raul Midon was born blind (and in a quite a few pictures he looks like Stevie). He grew up in New Mexico and started playing drums at a young age. After a few years Midon switched to the guitar. At some point during those years of perfecting his style, he realized he had a nice smooth voice, as well. He sang back up on a bunch of Latin pop recordings in the 90s (while at college in Miami).

Fast forward to the 2000s and we find Raul Midon in NYC. His first album entitled State of Mind came out earlier this year on Manhattan Records (a subsidary of EMI). The album is filled with tunes influenced by all types of music, and feature primarily Midon and his guitar. Stevie Wonder and Jason Mraz both guest on the album. "Sittin' in the Middle" is one of the more soulful tunes off of Midon's album. That isn't by mistake as the song is dedicated to Donny Hathaway. Enjoy.


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