Monday, September 19, 2005

The Basher (part two)

Cruel To Be Kind (1979)
Switch Board Susan (1979)
Dose of You (1979)
(from Labour of Lust)

Nick Lowe's first album was previously featured on It's Magic! (click here). Labour of Lust was the second solo effort from Lowe, and stands side-by-side (in terms of quality) with Pure Pop For Now People/Jesus of Cool (it doesn't hurt that Rockpile is the band backing up Lowe on the record).

Three songs are above for your perusal. The write-up is short because this is the last week It's Magic! will be around. I'm going to keep the address and everything...but with school and Soul Shower, this blog is getting neglected in a horrible way, and there is no point in doing something half-assed. There will be some mp3s up this week that were transferred from records, but after that It's Magic! will be poof gone. Enjoy!


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