Thursday, September 08, 2005

Junior Boys

High Come Down (2004)
(from Last Exit on Domino)

Canada coming through with some nice stuff here. This has been around for about a year, but had been pushed back into one of those "it'll get listened to some day" piles. The Canucks' sound is somewhere between the best work of New Sense, Kings of Convenience, and Postal Service. Instead of using all the modern electronic toys to make something that sounds like an episode of "I Love the 80s," Junior Boys make quality music that is perfect for any degree of chill you may want to be experiencing. Their website has some more information about past releases (a couple of singles) and upcoming tour dates (all in Europe). A beautiful debut LP. If you're like me and missed the boat this time last year...enjoy. If you're so hip that you already have this album...laugh and point.


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