Monday, September 19, 2005

Mary Hopkin

Those Were the Days (1968)
Turn Turn Turn (1968)
(from 45: Those Were the Days b/w Turn Turn Turn)

Reasons for buying this: it was produced by Paul McCartney, it was on Apple, and it was ten cents at a Salvation Army. Can't say that the songs disappointed considering the investment. Mary Hopkin was a Welsh singer brought to the attention of Paul McCartney by the beautiful Twiggy. The first tune above, "Those Were the Days" actually knocked "Hey Jude" from the number one spot in the UK. Hopkin didn't have many major hits after "Those Were the Days." She wasn't as good looking as Twiggy, but still cute...that makes the lack of a second major hit OK.

The hyperspeed posting has begun...there will be two to three entries for the next couple days. Descriptions will be lacking, but I had some music lined up for the site, and really don't want to leave that in an archive so it will appear like wildfire until Friday. Friday will be the last day for It's Magic! It will still be here...but it won't get updated anymore. Thanks to those of you who have regularly checked the site. Please keep going to Soul Shower (It's Magic!'s much more successful sibling) or Dr. Moshe's Medicinal Music. It has just been revamped, has a new direction and is most definitely worth checking out. Enjoy.

BONUS: Thanks to Dr. Moshe--here's another great track by Mary Hopkin. The great doctor reminded me about this most excellent single that was written by McCartney and released in 1969. Probably better than anything on her first album (and it was a good album) and was also her other hit.

Here's the track:
Goodbye (1969)


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Mary made much better music later on Apple records Earth Song Ocean song is a masterpiece and she did so much more after she left Apple ...
Check out

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