Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Rusty Ps

Boomerang Effect (2001)
All I Have (feat. Slug & DJ Abilities) (2001)
(from Out of Many)

There are a number of hip hop groups in Wisconsin that aren't all that bad. None have gained a lot of national attention, but they do well around the Midwest. The Rusty Ps are one of these group. They've had a steady output of stuff since their debut Out of Many in 2001. Hadn't listened to this disc for a few years, but it's a good disc. The production is solid and they've got guests from Atmosphere (Slug) and the Pharcyde (Imani). Not bad for a self-released hip hop disc coming out of Milwaukee. They've recently released their third full length disc, which you can pick up (with a bunch of other vinyl, etc.) at their website. Enjoy.


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