Sunday, September 04, 2005

Sons & Daughters

Medicine (2005)
Red Receiver (2005)
(from The Repulsion Box)

Sons and Daughters haven't received enough attention. They've been getting some, no doubt, but they deserve much more. The band's sophomore release The Repulsion Box sounds sort of like Franz Ferdinand learning to play the mandolin and joining forces with a alternative celtic folk group...sort of. Comparing musical groups has never been a strength, so that will have to work until you hear the tracks and form your own opinion. The lead single from The Repulsion Box is a very danceable little number called "Dance Me In." Considering that Sons & Daughters is on indie label extraordinaire Domino, it seems likely that the group will experience a slow but steady growth in popularity over the next year. For now, just take some time to listen to the first two tracks off of The Repulsion Box if you haven't heard them. Your friends will probably like the band too...enjoy.


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