Saturday, September 10, 2005

Cary Brothers

Honestly (2004)
(from the All The Rage EP)

Garden State was an excellent movie which had an equally excellent soundtrack. Sitting next to folks like Nick Drake, The Shins, Zero 7, and more well-known artists was an unknown cat by the name of Cary Brothers. His song "Blue Eyes" was featured in the movie and on the soundtrack, and put the guy on a lot of people's "I heard it first" radars. After the movie did well and the soundtrack started selling like mad (on its way to gold status), Brothers decided to self-release an EP. It contains four songs, including "Blue Eyes." Two ho-hum/run-of-the-mill indie rock, but one track in particular proves that Brothers has a great of the four songs on the EP feel a bit amount of potential. "Honestly" is a song about an ex-girlfriend that Brothers had some trouble getting over. The honesty of "Honestly" is what will make Brothers more than simply a guy from a soundtrack. A new EP is out now at the iTunes store and available in non-digital form from Paste magazine. All that information and more can be found on the Cary Brothers website. Enjoy.


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