Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Killing Three Birds With a 2001 Stone...

Here it is...today's three for one post...all tracks from 2001 (clever, eh?):

Mastered The Art (2001)
Bath Music (2001)
(from Mastered the Art on Ubiquity)

Greyboy is a cool DJ that does a lot of chill work, and has put out some cool mixes as well. He has been a DJ since the 80s and released most of his work on the San Francisco label Ubiquity. All of his sides are excellent--and I'm not a huge electronica-type guy. This guy has a lot of good stuff out, none of which is terrible. Dusty Groove has some of it at low, low prices. His official site is here.

Heatwave (2001)
(from the "Heatwave" single)

Staying on the somewhat electronic tip--before doing their cool, French alternative stylings--the group Phoenix released some instrumental singles prior to recording a full album. The first is known as the Ghettoblaster 7" (which I have but, unfortunately, not in mp3 format right now) and the second is "Heatwave" b/w "I Love You (Cruz Esteban remix)." The A-side is featured for your enjoyment, and is a cool little number. Not quite sure if a person could use this in a DJ set or whatever...but regardless it is solid. Check out the official Phoenix website. Enjoy.

Y'all Stay Up (feat. Talib Kweli) (2001)
(from Unlearn)

Our final 2001 post is from a Wisconsin group called the Youngblood Brass Band. There is this kind of popular hip hop guy on the track too...maybe you've heard of him...they call him Kweli. The track has Kweli rapping with a brass band doing some mellow things in the background. The rhyme is cool, nothing extraordinary, but a pretty good guest spot considering the group is Wisconsin based and emcees rarely show any love for Wisconsin. They've got a website as well. Enjoy this too.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Youngblood Brass Band is great, though I find that they try a little hard to force the hip-hop into their brassband sound. For a great instrumental track, check out "Brooklyn."

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